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MaaS (Migration as a Service) Facilitates an Accelerated and Hassle-Free Cloud Journey

With MaaS, you can Analyze and Shift applications to the Cloud within a few hours and develop your Cloud Migration Services.

How MaaS recharges your business

System Integrators, Managed Service Providers and Cloud Service Providers can setup the Migration-as-a-Service platform within hours to analyze and shift their customer applications to the cloud effortlessly. SI, MSPs and CSPs can white label and offer MaaS as a SaaS offering to boost their business revenue.

Migration as a Service

Increase Cloud Adoption, Increase Cloud Revenue

Sustained and Additional Revenue Stream

No Prep Up, No Effort!

No Technical Resources

Dominate your Domain

Deliver Migration-as-a-Service in four simple steps

Watch and find out how seamlessly System Integrators, Managed Service Providers and Cloud Service Providers can set up and deliver their 'Application Analysis and Cloud Migration as-a-Service' in four simple steps.

Cloud Migration
"We are pleased to work closely with Corent to accelerate the smart migration of software applications to Azure.”
Venkat Gattamneni

Group Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Azure

Values of MaaS

White label Migration services

Delivering "Migration as a Service" as Your Own Cloud Service

MSPs, CSPs, and SIs can white-label MaaS and promote it as a service to their customers. MaaS easy-to-setup platform and technical and marketing resources makes it easy to white-label and deliver this service as a highly profitable and extremely sustainable business option. You can set up MaaS as a service with zero technical cost and minimal effort.

Build Your Own Cloud Knowledge and Machine Learning System

MaaS provides you a Cloud knowledge management system which is capable of storing and managing up-to-date workload and Cloud knowledge with our intelligent and adaptive learning system. You can update and maintain the latest information about the Clouds and workloads in a single location.

MSPs, CSPs and SIs can differentiate and brand their Cloud migration solution by tuning the knowledge base for their customers in their respective domains.

White label Migration services
cloud learning system

Cloudability Reports for Your Customer's Cloud Migration Strategy

MaaS generates multiple reports after analyzing your application to help you understand the factors involved in migrating your application to the Cloud. These reports help you to propose the most apt Cloud migration plans.

Cost Modeling Scenarios

Using MaaS, you can remove the element of surprise by modeling all the factors related to cost and operations planning. MaaS allows you to customize the migration cost for each Cloud provider and compare the cost between various Cloud Providers. It helps you factor in various operations and business considerations which aids you in planning your Cloud migration strategy efficiently.

Cloud Migration strategy
Cloud migration costs

Smart Re-Architecting Suggestions for Your Customer's Cloud Deployment

MaaS generates multiple smart deployment architectures including PaaS for effective Cloud operations based on the application's current architecture. The suggested architectures can transform the application into elastically scalable, performable, backup-enabled, highly available, clustered for high reliability and cost effectiveness. You can also custom-build application’s deployment architecture based on our PaaS recommendations.

Adaptive Workload Library

MaaS provides you with a repository which includes a collection of workload migration plans to choose from and use during Cloud migration. It can be used to automate your application's Cloud migration process. It saves you time and effort and provides you with a ready-made solution for all your scripting needs to migrate workloads.

Cloud deployment
Application workload migration

Faster Cloud Migration with Shadow Shift

Shadow Shift extracts a single application from its installed infrastructure and deploys the application on the Cloud, with its original deployment topology. For any data centre migration needs, the Shadow Shift rapidly moves your customer's VM to the Cloud. You have the freedom to control the infrastructure sizing and choose to deploy in one or more Clouds based on your customer business needs.

How does it work?

It is quite simple to transform your business and get your revenue flowing.

Data centre migration

Where should I start?

We will show you how to get started!

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cloud migration as a service
Increase Cloud Adoption, Increase Cloud Revenue
Cloud revenue stream
Sustained and Additional Revenue Stream
No effort
No Prep Up, No Effort!
No technical resources
No Technical Resources
Dominate cloud
Dominate your Domain
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