Global CIO's, SI's and MSP's: Would you like to have an integrated platform that would enable you to quickly address your customers challenges in migrating to the cloud? MaaS is available for use "as a Service" and can even be White Labelled and integrated into your cloud engagement process.

Explore how you can deliver MaaS as your own cloud migration service. View the following three videos and other resources to get started with MaaS.

Deliver Migration-as-a-Service in four simple steps (01:52 min)
Watch and find out how seamlessly System Integrators, Managed Service Providers and Cloud Service Providers can set up and deliver their 'Application Analysis and Cloud Migration as-a-Service' in four simple steps.
MaaS - Smart Shift Demo (06:33 min)
Watch in detail a demo of Smart Application Analysis and its Cloud Migration. Smart Shift enables an in-depth smart analysis, re-architected and optimized migration of your customer's application to the preferred cloud.
A 4 min Overview of MaaS (Migration as a Service) - Analyze, Cloudify
(03:40 min)
A 4-min demo of MaaS at a Microsoft sponsored Conference in Singapore on Azure migration automated and optimized with MaaS platform
Overview of SurPaaS Platform - Analyze, Cloudify and SaaSify (54:16 min)
View a detailed one-hour Microsoft sponsored webinar on Azure migration automated and optimized with SurPaaS platform.