Continuous Optimization

Realizing Continuous Cloud Landscape Optimization, using AI-driven actions with advisories to reduce your Cloud cost.

Optimize Your Cloud Landscape

Continuous Cloud Infrastructure Optimization that never stops…

All in ONE Place

No need to look for your data on multiple tools or screens. View on a single pane.

Save Cost Every Month

Cut down your Cloud cost continuously using our trend-based optimization.

Connect Insights with Real Actions

Not just actionable advisories. Assess every scenario to save cost and reduce footprint.

Now You Can Visualize

Explore and navigate through your Cloud resources in multiple dimensions.

What's Trending?

Realize additional cost savings on your Cloud expenses month after month.

30% Savings Every Month

Rightsizing of all your VMs based on the performance utilization and load factors to realize continuous cost savings on your Cloud expenses every month.

Rightsizing Cloud Resources

Automated rightsizing of all your VMs on Microsoft Azure and AWS scheduled at a specific times that can be defined based on your business operations.

3D Performance Mapping

View the historical performance trends in a simple 3D graph to gain relevant insights about your usage patterns and customize your trend rules.

Trend Rules Engine

Define actions to be performed on your resources, ranging from flavor change to shutting down/restarting, based on its usage trends and execute automatically at the right time.

Save Cloud Cost

For all your Cloud Accounts, for all the regions.

Cloud Cost Forecasting
Our AI-driven Algorithm identifies Cost Savings & historical trends with Cost Management data from Cloud.
Executive Dashboards
Overview of the resource consumption and cost savings along with billing forecast & quota details.
Consumption by resource
Get insights about the most cost-consuming resources and options to optimize them.
Optimization Scenarios
Detailed advisories to optimize resources by reducing unutilized resources in your cloud account.
Actions with Advice :
Control your cost spending by implementing the actions suggested for resources.

Now you can See

Visualize your entire Cloud landscape from a single pane by navigating through the multiple graphs provided for your Cloud resources.

View in Multiple Dimensions

Industry-first Integrated Visualization Map with touch-and-feel effect to know interconnections of Cloud resources.

Visually Inspect Problems

Use the visualization map and track issues with resources and dependencies between them.         

Search and view resources

Find what you need to see on the Cloud, fast. Now you can easily navigate through a large number of resources.

Trace dependencies

Better than search and filtering. Visually move between resources, trace the hierarchy and interconnections.

Secure Cloud Management

Provides Security and governance as you manage your Cloud resources, Secure data management and complete protection against threats.

Change Tracking

Change Management Logs to track all the changes performed on Cloud resources for the actions implemented using Optimo based on its advisories.

Audit log Tracking

Audit logs are available to track all events performed using Optimo that can be used for internal and external audits.

Notification and Alerts

Simple steps to set up email alerts for receiving the status of your Cloud assessments or notification about the execution of automatic trend rules.

Secure Roles & Permissions

User access management with another layer of control with the user privileges–such as read access, administrator control–required to manage the Cloud accounts using Optimo.

Come experience our platform's optimization capabilities and make your Journey through the Cloud smooth.

ComPaaS Optimo. Questions that you might have.

Answers to Your Queries on Continuous Cloud Landscape Optimization using Optimo.

What are the Clouds supported by Optimo?

Microsoft Azure and AWS are supported currently. Support for Google Cloud Platform is in the roadmap of Optimo.

What is XD in Optimo?

XD provides a 360° multi-dimension graphical visualization of Cloud resources on Cloud along with the communication links among them in real-time.

How to track actions performed using Optimo?

Optimo keeps track of the complete trail of each user's actions on the platform in the Audit Log section under the Manage tab for your future reference & diagnostics and to examine details of Cloud resources, actions, timestamps, and users.

How much cost savings can I achieve using Optimo?

If all the advisories suggested by Optimo are implemented, you can achieve continuous cost savings of 30% Month-over-Month based on your usage patterns and consumptions.