Optimize & Manage Applications

Visualize Application Landscape on the Cloud and Effectively Manage with Ease

Automatically Discover Applications and Create Landscape

Generate and visualize the landscape for all your applications and their multiple copies on Cloud.

One-touch Application Optimization

Optimize applications by rightsizing, scaling resources up/down, & many other actions with a single click.

Manage Applications, Not just VMs

Identify connected workloads & establish an application map to efficiently manage your application resources as a single collection.


Understand the topography of your application landscape like never before with Operato.

Your Application, Your Cloud

Change your cluttered Cloud resources into application groups. Managing them is so much easier now.

Automatic Application Grouping

Our intelligent discovery mechanism groups applications based on best practices & connection strategies in the industry.

Descriptive Application Statistics

Detailed resource-level portlets with cost, count, and many other statistics based on our multilayered analysis.

Application Telemetry

Monitor your application's health, performance and utilization, from a single fully-customizable view.

Monitor Your Application

Monitor the health and usage of your applications running on Cloud with Operato–through collective telemetry or defining your own custom monitoring rules.

Correlated Visualization

Correlate multiple monitoring factors across all resources in an application. Discover the impact of one factor on others.


Optimize your applications for cost and performance through actions with advisories.

Rightsize Your Cloud Resources
Check historical trends, decide the best flavors for your resources, and make the changes instantly.
Optimize Your Cost Continuously
Understand your application usage trends. Decide to upsize and downsize as needed.
Actions with Advisories
One-click to apply changes. Make your applications perform better at a lesser cost.


Capture all the application details in blueprints. Visualize, clone, and manage blueprints. Discover the dependencies among all the workloads of your application.

Autogenerate Application Blueprints

With a single click, create blueprints of your applications running on the Cloud. Inspect all resources and configurations, check, and correct problems immediately.

Manage Multiple Blueprints

Now a single application can have multiple blueprints giving you more flexibility to operate them on the Cloud.

Multiple Blueprint Configurations

Create new variations for each of your blueprints to fine-tune for better performance and cost. Manage different sizes, regions, and security configurations.


Apply Operato's adaptive optimization and modernization strategies to your application and realize the complete benefits of your Cloud.

View Application Resources at Once

Explore your application's workloads and its connected resources in a single pane. View your application's performance and health stats and make well-informed decisions.

Connect Copies of Applications Together

Group all the application copies under one application umbrella to understand the Total Cost of Ownership for an application.

Application Operations Made Easy

Operate all your applications–create, start, stop, clone, delete–from a single platform. Optimize your applications using our trend-based actions.

Come experience our platform's application optimization & management capabilities and make your Journey through the Cloud smooth.

ComPaaS Operato. Questions that you might have.

Answers to Your Queries on Managing Your Application Landscape using Operato.

What are the Clouds and resource types supported by Operato?

Operato supports Azure and AWS clouds. Microsoft Azure and AWS are supported currently. All resource types that are involved in VMs and DBaaS services are supported by Operato. Support for Containers is in the roadmap.

What is unique about Operato when compared to Azure or AWS cloud monitoring tools?

Cloud-native tools focus on monitoring & optimization of Cloud resources alone. Operato starts with your application components and then adds required services. It is also pluggable with external services like Amazon CloudWatch & Azure Monitor.

Who should I reach for more information about Operato?

Please reach us at [email protected] with your queries. We will be happy to provide you with all the information that is needed as a follow-up call or email.

Who should use Operato?

Operato can be used by both, application owners who use Cloud directly and CSPs / MSPs / VARs who deliver better solutions that are closer to the customer's application.

How can I start using Operato?
  • a. Operato is available on Azure Marketplace as an exclusive listing - Click here

  • b. Start your account and get Operato'ed.