Modernize Your Applications

Explore a World of Possibilities with On-Cloud Modernization of Your Applications.

Scan & Re-platform Your Workloads

Modernize your application with PaaS, Containers, or newer versions of workloads.


Migrate your application and its databases to required PaaS services on Cloud.

Move to App services

Migrate your application workloads to App PaaS services by utilizing our automated orchestration.

Containerize to Kubernetes

Migrate your workloads seamlessly to Kubernetes Container Services on Cloud.

Assess Your Applications

Assess your applications and discover a suitable path to move your workloads to DBaaS, Serverless App Services, Containers, and Kubernetes Services within hours.

Rapid Scanning

Analyze your application to discover its DNA–components such as workloads, databases–and build a complete dependency map to make strategic decisions.

Modernization Advisories

Check the compatibility of your workloads against the services available in the Cloud. Compare these Cloud services and choose a suitable one for your workloads to modernize your application.


Modernize your application architecture with PaaS, Containers, or newer versions of workloads by utilizing our smart re-architecting feature.

Restructure Application Workloads

Re-architect your application by replacing workloads and databases with suitable PaaS Services.

Manage End-of-Life (EOL)

Identify the EOL application workloads that can be migrated to the latest version on Cloud. Evaluate if these workloads can be re-platformed into a PaaS service on Cloud.

Upgrade Your Platform

Modernize continuously using our platform and operate your application with the latest versions of workloads and Cloud resources.

PaaSify to DBaaS

Modernize your application to leverage Cloud PaaS services. Choose different PaaS services for different application workloads.

PaaS Advisories

Find compatible PaaS Services available on Cloud for your application workloads–such as DBaaS and managed databases.

DBaaS Assessment

Assess your databases for its compatibility with DBaaS migration using our Cloud feasibility reports.

PaaS Validation

Use our integrated PaaS validation tools to ensure migration of your database to Cloud DBaaS.

Migrate to PaaS

Migrate your database to Cloud either as a stand-alone database service or database managed instance.

Move to App services

Fast-track Your Modernization of Applications to App Services using ComPaaS.

App Services Advisories

Find compatible App Services available on Cloud for your application workloads–such as Java, .NET, and others–using our Smart Advisories and plan for an effective PaaS integration.

Migrate to Serverless App Services

Deploy a fully managed platform, integrated with your application, Migrate to App Services seamlessly in a short period, and enjoy numerous benefits like zero-downtime deployment, custom domain, load balancing.

Containerize to Kubernetes

Containerize Your Application Workloads into Kubernetes Services on Cloud using ComPaaS

Container Readiness Assessment

Identify workloads in your application that can be migrated directly to existing container services offered by Cloud–like AKS, EKS and OpenShift–using our comprehensive knowledge base system.

Move Workloads to Containers

Rapidly containerize your workloads and move them to the Cloud. Leverage existing containers from Docker Hub or other repositories.

Move to Kubernetes

Move your workloads directly to Kubernetes services. You can create manifest and wrap your containers for AKS on Azure and OpenShift on any Cloud.

Come experience our platform's modernization capabilities and make your Journey through the Cloud smooth.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the container services supported by Moderno?

Moderno currently supports AKS, OpenShift, VM-based containers. Support for other container services is in the roadmap.

What are the types of PaaS services supported by Moderno?

Moderno currently supports DBaaS and App PaaS services.

Will there be downtime during Modernization Migration?

No, there won't be any downtime in your application during the Modernization Migration performed by Moderno.

How long will it take for the Modernization Migration?

Generally, it takes around 3 to 4 hours per application. However, it depends on the complexity of the application as well as the volume of data to be migrated.

How can I modernize my application using Moderno?

You can assess your application using Moderno and view modernization advisories (PaaS, Containers, etc.) that are suitable for your application workloads and can be implemented in a click.

Can I modernize applications running on on-premises as well as Cloud?

Yes, applications running on both on-premises and Cloud can be modernized using Moderno.