Customer and Partner Testimonials

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Corent is oxygen to ISVs with on-premise software applications.

Mike Culver


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We are pleased to work closely with Corent to accelerate the smart migration of software applications to Azure.

Venkat Gattamneni

Group Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Azure

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Working with Corent has been a game-changer for us. Their scanning and assessments have been key in understanding our clients' needs. As an MSP, we've found their solutions top-notch. Now, as we gear up for migration, we're excited to see what they'll bring to the table again.

Parvez Ali

Asst. Vice President- Cloud & IT Infrastructure Services at YASH

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Marketizer provided us with a cost-effective and fast way to publish our solution to the Microsoft Marketplace. This was achieved through the knowledge and technical expertise of the Corent team from start to finish.

Conor Doyle

Business Development, DQ Global

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Marketizer has helped us get SharpCloud in the Azure Marketplace really quickly. This would have taken months to achieve on our own...

Russell Johnson

CTO and Co-Founder, SharpCloud

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We are pleased to team up with Corent and value their support of this global initiative. Corent provides the ability to efficiently deliver Mifos X as SaaS, enabling our partners around the world to offer our platform in a much more cost-effective manner, and opening up new opportunities for our customers.

Ed Cable

President & CEO of Mifos Initiative

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We are very excited about the capabilities that Corent SurPaaS® offers us to better monitor, analyze and serve our customers. This allows us to offer more innovative options to customers such as subscription based, flexible, or dynamic pricing models our customers will need.

Lisa Marselli

Senior Director of Business Operations at MapR

C-facts Logo

Corent’s SurPaaS® platform enabled us to rapidly take our cloud insight and sustainability governance application to market as SaaS with all the subscription management, automated tenant on-boarding and billing necessary to operate as a SaaS Provider, all in a matter of days.

Martijn van Zoeren

CEO of C-Facts

Parexel Logo

Corent took our extremely large and complex enterprise application and had it running as a fully SaaS/Muli-Tenant solution in a few weeks without changing a single line of code. Corent’s solution is an astonishing achievement.

Robert J. Stanley

PAREXEL Informatics, Inc.

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Corent's Multi-Tenant Server™ is a robust and powerful alternative to re-writing your application.

Gunal Kanna

Vice President, ASG Software Solutions

Evergreen Logo

Brilliant approach to quickly achieving the benefits of Multi-Tenancy!

Michael Gionfriddo


Sports Aptitude Logo

Corent's middleware has dramatically reduced our effort to migrate into a SaaS offering, enabling us to scale our company while leveraging best-of-breed technology.

Chris Kirschke

Co-Founder & CEO

Theserverlabs Logo

Corent provided everything we needed to jump into the SaaS business with our app!

Paul Parsons

Founder and CTO

Symphony Logo

Corent's Multi-Tenant Server™ is rapidly emerging as the de-facto reference architecture for companies transitioning to SaaS.

Milind Khirwadkar

AVP, Cloud Services

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A very attractive alternative to re-architecting our application for efficient SaaS delivery.

Tapan A.

Head of Core Banking Platform

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The 'Best Practice' for achieving Multi-Tenancy.

Minh Hong Tran

Director, Cloud Computing Centre of Excellence

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Corent Tech offers a great migration tool platform that can easily help us to migrate user's workload smoothly to our cloud platform. It's a hassle-free solution!

Fabrian Setiadi

Business Solution Manager

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I really liked the Corent team, they are very professional, responsive and because of them our customers got very nice migration experience. Corent team is available 24*7 and always responds to our technical/non-technical questions very quickly. They lead our migration activities successfully and professionally. They have very nice strategy for migration

Chetan Patil

Ingram Micro

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The technology provided by Corent is central to the solution offering that Disys offers to its customers. The team at Corent is really passionate about their product suite.

Joam Mathew


MyEKC Logo

There technology has kept up with our demands and requirements

Joe Cerino


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Great Technology and good people to work with. The services stack being rolled out from CorentTech is of great value as in many customer opportunities the TCO is reduced by ⅓ just by the adoption of advisories provided by the tools.

Murthy BSLN


Rhytify Logo

Corent Technologies have created a set of cool products that enable businesses to make the best use of a variety of cloud resources. As a company, they have mastered systematic development of innovative solutions that are highly relevant to the market. They are flexible, supportive and very positive people to work with

Mahesha Pandit


Ingram Micro Cloud Logo

Corent has the broadest set of supported use cases in its class. All-in-one software platform that can discover, migrate, PaaSify, and SaaSify.

Christopher Kesik

Ingram Micro

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Logo

Corent Tech Achieves AWS Migration Competency Status

HPE has used Corent SurPaaS to do scanning and discovery in large cloud migration projects. Our clients are very pleased with the quality and depth of information that SurPaaS provides them,

Kevin Lange

Master Database Architect, Performance Engineer

Bluesource Logo

Corent & Bluesource partnership

Many Enterprises are moving to the cloud and find that costs, security and governance in the cloud can be a challenge. We are delighted to be working with Corent to offer SurPaaS® to help our customers to realise cost savings and reduce risk going forward

Simon Wardle

Managing Director at bluesource.

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Tech Alliance is Helping Rebuild the Shattered Economies by Democratizing FinTech During the Pandemic

Offering Mifos X as SaaS – empowered by Corent’s SurPaaS on Microsoft Azure - opens up many new opportunities for us to advance our mission of facilitating a global financial inclusion movement

Ed Cable

CEO, Mifos Initiative.

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Logo

Corent Technology Announces Corent’s SurPaaS® Platform Now Available on HPE ProLiant for Azure Stack

With Corent’s SurPaaS platform now validated on HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack, businesses can implement an integrated platform to migrate their application to Microsoft Azure

Mark Evans

Senior Technical Marketing Engineer at HPE

Microsoft Logo

It’s promising to see HPE and Corent Technology offer customers an easy migration path to Microsoft Azure Stack. The integration with Azure is the kind of technological solution that ensures their customers are in a position to succeed.

Tad Brockway

Corporate Vice President, Azure Storage, Media, & Edge, Microsoft Corp.

e hosting Logo

Corent Technology and eHosting DataFort announce Partnership on Cloud migration services with Corent’s SurPaaS® MaaS

At eHDF, we realize that there is no one size fits all when it comes to IT and that customer workloads can be best suited for either on premise, private cloud or public cloud, and/or a combination of all. It all depends on the workload. Our mission is to help our clients manage and secure their IT workloads no matter where such workloads reside. To deliver on that mission, we work closely with our customers and partner ecosystem in the assessment of their workloads, and getting the customer safely and cost effectively to their desired destination.In our Cloudburg services platform, integrated with Corent SurPaaS® MaaS, we are leveraging this power to help customers in their cloud journey

Yasser Zeineldin


Calligo Logo

Global Hybrid Cloud Specialist Calligo Extends Customer Choice with Ongoing Commitment to Corent Technology

Our customers value the unique cloud and data management services we provide. Demand for hybrid cloud is growing, and Corent Technology gives us support for diverse cloud platforms. Our partnership with Corent helps us extend our services to offer both public and private cloud options, so that our customers can get the best of both worlds and build application platforms best suited to their needs.

Julian Box

Founder and CEO, Calligo

UniSystems Logo

Corent Technology and UniSystems Announce Partnership on Azure and Azure Stack Migration Services with Corent’s SurPaaS® MaaS

In our long history we have developed and we maintain strong business partnerships with leading vendors across technologies having in mind that meeting effectively the challenges of our clients is our utmost priority. Microsoft Azure is a worldwide trend that enables organizations to work around a global cloud network, and platforms such as Corent SurPaaS® MaaS are leveraging the power of Azure through the reduction of cost, time and risk involved in cloud migration and the acceleration of the cloud business benefits.

Yiannis Loumakis

Managing Director of UniSystems.

Microsoft Logo

Corent SurPaaS® Integrates with Microsoft Azure Migrate to Offer Enhanced Experience for Migration to Azure

Through integration with Microsoft Azure Migrate, SurPaaS brings additional tools for customers to lift-and-shift from on-premises, as well as to migrate from other clouds.

Jeremy Winter

Partner Director, Azure Management, Microsoft Corp

sol-tech Logo

UK Leading Cloud Services Provider Sol-Tec Renews Partnership with Corent Technology

We have been very impressed with the commitment Corent has consistently shown in driving our partnership and supporting our people as we have delivered projects with SurPaaS®.

Nik Topham

Sol-Tec CEO

Mifos Logo

Corent, Microsoft, Financial Inclusion Leader Mifos Initiative and LCUC (Large Credit Union Coalition) Deliver Core Banking as SaaS on the Azure Cloud

We are pleased to team up with Corent and value their support of this global initiative. Corent provides the ability to efficiently deliver Mifos X as SaaS, enabling our partners around the world to offer our platform in a much more cost-effective manner, and opening up new opportunities for our customers.

Ed Cable,

President & CEO of Mifos Initiative

CAE Logo

CAE Technologies to Offer Ground-breaking Digital Transformation Services using Corent’s SurPaaS Platform

We are always looking for innovative ways to help our customers, and the SurPaaS® platform definitely delivers on that. The commitment shown by the Corent team has helped us build new services that are already providing ground-breaking customer insights and added value to our digital transformation work. The timing is right for us and our customers as the benefits of cloud services become more widely recognised and sought after.

Lee Gatland

Chief Technology Officer, CAE

MapR Logo

MapR Selects Corent's SurPaaS® Platform to Bring Timely Robust SaaS Solutions to Market

We are very excited about the capabilities that Corent SurPaaS® offers us to better monitor, analyze and serve our customers. This allows us to offer more innovative options to customers such as subscription based, flexible, or dynamic pricing models our customers will need.

Lisa Marselli

Senior Director of Business Operations at MapR

Mifos-X Logo

Mifos selects Corent to deliver Mifos-X as SaaS to 3 Billion Underbanked World Population

We are pleased to team up with Corent and value their support of this global initiative. Corent provides the ability to efficiently deliver Mifos X as SaaS, enabling our partners around the world to offer our platform in a much more cost-effective manner, and opening up new opportunities for our customers

Ed Cable

President & CEO of Mifos Initiative

Cloudify.Asia Logo

Corent Tech and Cloudify.Asia Sign a Partnership to Accelerate Enterprise IT Migration to the Cloud in Southeast Asia

After evaluating several technologies, our team and our partners were amazed at how comprehensively Corent Tech’s SurPaaS® platform facilitates every step of the cloud journey. We have started to offer SurPaaS® platform to our partners so that they can migrate their customers to the cloud of their choice. As a top Microsoft Hybrid Cloud evangelist, we see a high level of demand for Azure Stack migrations at this early stage of our partnership.

Gavin Loh

Chief Opportunity Creator and Managing Director, Cloudify.Asia.

Calligo Logo

Calligo delivers successful migration to Azure Stack using Corent Technology SurPaaS® platform

Our client has a wealth of experience in cloud technology and platforms, making precise and reliable delivery essential. It is a very positive sign for our ongoing relationship with Corent that this migration was a success, and we are looking forward to equally positive joint client engagements and projects in the future.

Julian Box

Founder and CEO, Calligo.

sol-tec Logo

Sol-tec Selects Corent SurPaaS® to Accelerate Cloud Migration for UK Public Sector clients

We have been working with Corent since 2017, and it is great to build on that by joining their partner program. “The breadth of capability in the SurPaaS® platform combined with our proven methodologies and deep Microsoft Azure technical skills means we can continue to deliver cost efficiencies through data centre migration to public cloud. And as we enter a new financial year we are really excited about the potential our strategic partnership with Corent offers for cloud adoption across the UK public sector.

Nik Topham

CEO, sol-tec

Calligo Logo

Calligo Selects Corent SurPaaS® to Accelerate Privacy-Aware Clients’ Migration to Appropriate Clouds, including Azure Stack

Delivering excellent customer service is absolutely crucial for Calligo, and this starts with supporting clients’ first steps into the cloud. “Our partnership with Corent will allow us to give our clients full reassurance during the otherwise daunting migration process. By automating the analysis and migration of workloads to the cloud, we are able to guarantee their journey to the cloud is optimized – both in terms of enabling full value to be extracted from their data and adhering with the data privacy regulations that apply to them.

Julian Box

Founder and CEO, Calligo.

Microsoft Logo

Corent Technology Delivers Automated Tool for Migration to Microsoft Azure Stack

We are pleased Corent has extended their range of Azure migration solutions to include Azure Stack as a destination. Supporting migrations to Azure Stack, as an extension of Microsoft Azure, enables a truly consistent hybrid cloud solution for customers, which empowers them to maximize their investments across cloud and on-premises environments.

Jeremy Winter

Director, Azure Management, Microsoft Corp

Ingram Micro Cloud Logo

Corent Tech Announces Distribution Agreement with Ingram Micro

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) is one of the largest untapped opportunities for the channel today, and we are committed to ensuring our partners are positioned to benefit by providing innovative solutions that accelerate cloud adoption. As a cloud migration accelerator, Corent Technology's SurPaaS® MaaS is an excellent fit for Ingram Micro Cloud's infrastructure services portfolio.

Michael Giambanco

IaaS Sales Director for North America, Ingram Micro Cloud.

UST Global Logo

Corent Tech and UST Global signed a Global partnership

We look forward to leveraging Corent Technology's innovative SurPaaS® cloud migration accelerator as a module of our AI based cloud migration platform UST-SPEED.

Saju Sankaran

CTO Platforms and Global Head of Cloud at UST Global

Pulsant Logo

Pulsant and Corent join forces to offer comprehensive cloud migration services

We’ve seen an increased interest from our customers in ‘cloud-ifying’ their applications, and so I’m confident this will be the beginning of a mutually beneficial, long-term business relationship. We’ve already found Corent to be extremely helpful and responsive, working closely with us to get the ball rolling and assist us as we learn together along the way.

Adam Eaton

Sales Director, Pulsant