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Enable, Automate & Manage.

A platform for automatic and effortless transformation of any application into efficient SaaS with all the operational and commercial 'as a service' capabilities needed by a SaaS provider.

Feature Matrix

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The First Managed Services Platform for SaaS

Venture into SaaS managed services to extend your Cloud services offering and create a transactable revenue stream for your customers.

SaaS Operations, an Extension of Your Cloud Services

Append SaaS domain knowledge along with the Cloud expertise you have on your team. SaaSOps brings the toolsets for you to deliver all the building blocks for SaaS.

Enhance Your SaaS Portfolio

Add SaaS Operations to your managed services portfolio to reach more customers & upgrade your existing customer accounts with competitive SaaS capabilities.

Complete SaaS Modernization

Now you can explore all possible ways to modernize applications including transforming non-SaaS into SaaS and optimizing the existing SaaS applications.

Continuous SaaS Operations

SaaS requires continuous improvement and management and hence, it needs round the year operations on management, governances, features, payments & customer services. SaaSOps allows you to handle all this for your customers with ease.

Your Own SaaS Factory

Setup a SaaS Factory and venture into automatic SaaS transformations. Optimize your customer’s SaaS applications with enhanced operational and commercial management features of SaaSOps.

SaaS Modernization as a Service

SaaS applications need to be continuously enhanced and modernized. SaaSOps is a unified platform that equips you to modernize the architecture with advanced Cloud capabilities such as PaaS and Containers.

Automatic SaaS - No Code Change

SaaSify your customer application with no source code changes. This enables you to offer a low-touch service to your customers & empowers you to establish a scalable business model.

Exploring SaaS Options

Discover components of the customer’s application & provide a detailed SaaS assessment report. This enables customers to explore all possible options to set up their SaaS venture.

Become an expert partner with the knowledge of all the required details of your customer's application such as components, configurations & topology through SaaSOps scan.
Assessment Engine
Make informed decisions with the SaaS assessment report that provides possible SaaS models tailored for the customer’s application.
Creating a Plan
Strategize the customer’s move to SaaS by providing an immediate course of action, long term actions, a model for revenue and cost optimization, and more.

SaaS Planning and Modelling

SaaS offers a great opportunity for service providers as there are many factors to be planned & managed throughout the lifecycle. SaaSOps equips you to choose the multi-tenancy strategy for your customer’s application & all aspects of operations and commercial management.

Choosing the Right Multi-Tenancy

Be the expert guide in your customer’s SaaS transformation effort by presenting them with different models, merits, demerits & costs, and achieve this with no code change.

Operations Planning

Model the workflow for provisioning, notification, payments, monitoring and more, in SaaSOps for your customers, with a few clicks and customize to suit their needs.


Model the commercial aspects of your customer’s application with subscription-based offers & feature-rich workflow that includes trial, setup, recurring & usage-based billing.

Marketplace Plans

Take the customer’s application to the global audience by publishing it on leading Cloud marketplaces without any code change to the application.

Roadmap for Success

Promote the SaaS application through Partners and Resellers and deploy to manage in different geographies. A great strategy to enhance your customer’s revenue model and grow their business.

SaaSOps: Platform to Manage all SaaS Customers

SaaSOps is a SaaS Operations platform for MSPs to manage all their customers. From a single pane, you can manage multiple SaaS providers and many applications with ease.

Rapidly Adding ISVs to the Platform

Set up provisioning workflow & pricing models to manage your customers. Enable automatic & metered payments for your services and make customer onboarding smooth & rapid.

Managing all ISVs from a Single Interface

Publish your services across multiple Cloud marketplaces & have customers sign up directly. Manage all customers from a single interface to track their health, payments, executive reports & more.

SaaSification and SaaS Operations

Mix & match your managed SaaS offerings by focussing on different aspects of SaaS ranging from SaaS transformation, marketplace, metering, self-provisioning & many more on your customer’s SaaS journey.

Platform to Manage Multiple SaaS Applications

We understand volume & multiplicity are keys for MSPs. SaaSOps offers you to establish a scalable business model by managing multiple customers, applications & SaaS deployments.

Managing Multiple Applications of a Single ISV
Manage your customers with the flexibility to customize their SaaS workflows for each of their applications in an isolated fashion.
Many Deployments of a Single SaaS Application
Enable your customers to set up multiple SaaS environments for an application targeted for different audiences, different models, and different geographies.
Global Reach and Regional Compliance
Segment your customers and manage them with regional compliance requirements in addition to data localization.
Come experience our platform's SaaS enablement capabilities and make your Journey through the Cloud smooth.