The customer’s environment had over 570 servers spread over two datacenters. The complete environment comprising a combination of Windows and Linux servers was scanned and assessed using two Vanguards. Using MaaS, the partner generated an Infra Report for a single region and furnished Cloud feasibility reports.

Project Overview:

The customer's environment had a single datacenter, comprising over 550 Windows and Linux servers. The complete environment was scanned and analyzed with three Vanguard servers to generate Cloud feasibility reports.

All-Round Benefits:

  • MaaS encrypts data for enhanced security.

  • MaaS reveals precise performance metrics to identify server utilization.

  • MaaS provides cost modeling report and suggests the best match to save migration cost.

  • MaaS suggests the best strategy to chart a migration plan based on detailed scan.

Healthcare Sector

Assessment for Cloud Migration

The customer is a California-based medical device company with expertise in providing Cloud-connectable CPAP devices and masks for the treatment of sleep apnea. It also makes available devices and masks for treating chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, neuromuscular disease, and other respiratory conditions. The customer wanted advisories on Cloud migration and approached one of Corent’s partners.

Corent’s partner used MaaS to deliver Cloud assessment to its customer. The partner scanned and assessed the customer’s datacenters using MaaS and generated detailed reports and shared the same with the customer.


  • Identifying the prerequisites and suggesting the exact information for scanning.
  • Defining a schedule for the scanning methods.
  • Performing an extended scan to pinpoint the server utilization.
  • Determining the Cloud feasibility and performing a Cloud cost modeling.
  • Identifying various application groups suitable for migration.


  • MaaS carries out a preflight survey and sends out robustness message if any prerequisites were missed.
  • MaaS can generate schedules to carry out different types of scans.
  • 5-day-long extended scan helped identify the memory, CPU, and network utilization.
  • MaaS helped the partner draft the most suitable feasibility report, based on which the latter could offer precise TCO of the selected Cloud, along with relevant migration and EOL advisories.
  • MaaS' Move Group strategy analysis report helped to identify the application groups and types in the datacenters for a seamless migration experience.


By using MaaS, the partner helped the customer to analyze its datacenters and formulate an optimum migration strategy for Amazon Cloud.

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