ComPaaS ServiceNow integration automates the multi-step processes and makes the workflow more efficient with end-to-end automation

Benefits of integrating ComPaaS and ServiceNow

  • Easy tracking and maintenance of Cloud resources

  • Integrates with existing enterprise workflow in ServiceNow

  • Actions can be performed from approval process in ServiceNow

  • Audit logs for tracking the actions visible in ServiceNow and ComPaaS

  • Delivers maximum savings on Cloud cost and footprint

ComPaaS, the Continuous Cloud Optimization platform now links with ServiceNow

Smart automated workflow is the need of the hour, in the new normal to increase productivity and maintain business continuity. For organizations using ServiceNow as their cloud-based workflow automation platform, ComPaaS streamlines the change management of Cloud resources to make the existing processes more effective.

ComPaaS analyzes your Cloud Infrastructure, offered as a SaaS Service and provides a central dashboard to visualize and manage all your Cloud resources using AI driven best practice advisories. This helps you to optimize your Cloud cost and reduce resource sprawl significantly. Integration of ServiceNow with ComPaaS enables the customer to manage, approve and automatically track all the activities performed on the available cloud resources. This automatic workflow in turn manages the risk and resilience in real time which makes the Cloud operations easier.

Assured Workflow for Continuous Optimization and Modernization

  • ComPaaS analyzes your Cloud account and presents optimization advisories.
  • Each advisory is linked to an action and these actions automatically create an incident in ServiceNow.
  • Depending on the existing workflow, once approved the action is immediately executed by ComPaaS.
  • Governing changes to Cloud resources has now been made easy and is embedded within existing workflow process.