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Enhance your value to client organizations with the leader in reducing cloud spend.

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CloudLeader is designed to help virtual and fractional CIOs, and other cloud consultants, add value, reduce costs, and drive growth and innovation for their clients. Grow your client base and billings when you introduce Corent's analyst-acclaimed ComPaaS solution by

Identifying Opportunities to Cut Cloud Costs:
Automatically save 30% on monthly cloud spend.

Continuously Right-Sizing Cloud Resources:
Easily align resource provisioning for optimal performance and cost efficiency.

Streamlining Cloud Governance:
Get visibility into cloud to see which apps are being used, how much and by whom.

The CloudLeader Program

What's Included

As a CloudLeader referral partner, you will
  • Learn about differentiating Corent technologies for optimizing every part of the cloud experience.

  • Get comprehensive sales and marketing support working hand-in-hand with the Corent team. Get co-branded documents to share with clients and prospects.

  • Have the option to receive commissions based on revenues generated from your referrals.

How it works

Once you're accepted as a CloudLeader referral partner, simply

Fill in the Partnership Request form below.

Register an opportunity by clicking the link below and filling out the form.

Once an opportunity is registered, you will be contacted within 48 hours to have a phone call to discuss the opportunity.

Monitor referrals through the sales and closing cycle.

Earn quarterly commissions when referrals become Corent customers (optional).

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