Smart Shift

Migrate Your Applications to Cloud Smartly Using SurPaaS® MaaS

Smart Shift is one of the Shift mode used by SurPaaS® MaaS to migrate applications to Cloud. Smart Shift migrates an application to Cloud with a re-architected deployment topology based on different business needs such as scalability, performance, security, redundancy, high availability, backup, etc.

SurPaaS® MaaS communicates with the source machines and gathers information (workloads and its data) required to migrate to Cloud using Shift Agent. Cloud instances will be launched based on the selected deployment topology. Shift Agent in source machines will migrate the data to corresponding Cloud instances to complete the Cloud migration process.

Key Benefits:

  • PaaS migration advisory to increase reliability and reduce operations cost.
  • Re-architect deployment with Smart analysis and optimization.
  • Multi-node scanning (via agent/agentless) addressing your security needs.
  • Added security with vanguard-based scanning.
  • Add additional workloads and choose multiple topologies.
  • Perform complete cost modeling before migration.

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