Global CIO's, SI's and MSP's: Would you like to have an integrated platform that would enable you to quickly address your customers challenges in migrating to the cloud? SurPaaS® MaaS is available for use "as a Service" and can even be White Labelled and integrated into your cloud engagement process.

Explore how you can deliver SurPaaS® MaaS as your own cloud migration service. View the following three videos and other resources to get started with SurPaaS® MaaS.

Deliver Migration-as-a-Service in four simple steps (01:52 min)
Watch and find out how seamlessly System Integrators, Managed Service Providers and Cloud Service Providers can set up and deliver their 'Application Analysis and Cloud Migration as-a-Service' in four simple steps.
SurPaaS® MaaS - Smart Shift Demo (06:33 min)
Watch in detail a demo of Smart Application Analysis and its Cloud Migration. Smart Shift enables an in-depth smart analysis, re-architected and optimized migration of your customer's application to the preferred cloud.
A 4 min Overview of SurPaaS® MaaS (Migration as a Service) - Analyze, Cloudify
(03:40 min)
A 4-min demo of MaaS at a Microsoft sponsored Conference in Singapore on Azure migration automated and optimized with SurPaaS® MaaS platform
Overview of SurPaaS® Platform - Analyze, Cloudify and SaaSify (54:16 min)
View a detailed one-hour Microsoft sponsored webinar on Azure migration automated and optimized with SurPaaS® platform.