SurPaaS® Continuo for Service Providers

Add Continuous Cloud Optimization and Modernization to your portfolio of Managed Services
Benefits for MSPs:
  •     Support for multiple Clouds

  •     Offer multiple subscriptions to customers

  •     Take decisions with dashboard and metrics

  •     Manage and control access to users

  •     Single currency view of all customers

  •     Rebrand and deliver as your own product

Benefits for End Customers:
  •     Continuous cost optimization

  •     Smarter resource management

  •     Centralized application management

  •     Application usage and metrics

  •     Efficient SaaS transformation

  •     Cloud Marketplace integration

SurPaaS® Continuo provides a collective dashboard for all your customers and statistics about their usage of your services. Seamlessly help your customers to optimize and modernize applications on Cloud.

We provide a full repertoire of Cloud capabilities to advise and materialize infrastructure optimization for your customers. Utilize Cloud resources effectively for your customers and reduce their Cloud footprint by reclaiming unused resources and avoid unnecessary cost.

For the first time in the industry, debug the Cloud for your customers using multidimensional Cloud resources visualization. Deliver better optimization recommendations to your customers by filtering and viewing their Cloud resources based on its type.

Deep-dive into your customers' Cloud infrastructure and show them an application view that they have never seen before. Explore your customers' entire Cloud infrastructure grouped into applications and extract collective telemetry for each application.

Advise your customers on latest modernization techniques (PaaS, Containers, etc.). Provide your customers with an opportunity to modernize their application workloads by replacing it with PaaS services and Containers which offer greater flexibility and scalability to their applications while reducing maintenance cost and effort.

Use our Automatic Blueprint creation to identify the DNA of your customer applications. Re-architect and redeploy your customer application based on the performance trends. Identify similar instances of your customers' application workloads and consolidate them to save cost.

Make your application "Publish Ready" on Cloud Marketplaces in a few clicks and through a minimal number of steps on SurPaaS®. Accelerate your marketplace publishing using the offered publishing guide that provides precise documentation, videos and other storefront collaterals.

Scan through your customers' Cloud infrastructure and identify multiple deployments of the same application. View them on a single pane as Private SaaS.

Identify an application that you want to deploy as service and deliver it as Public SaaS. Transform and deliver your customer applications as SaaS and provide them the ability to manage their application tenants and their lifecycle. Integrate any application with Cloud Marketplaces and open new growth opportunities for your customers.

Scan through your customers' Cloud infrastructure and identify multiple deployments of the same application. View them on a single pane as Private SaaS.

Cloud Managed Services Optimisation with SurPaaS® Continuo